Bangkok: Day 1

June 1st, 2024 (about 1 month ago) β€’ 3 minutes

I traveled to Bangkok today.

It was a long overdue flight with a bunch of my high school friends. Thinking back, it had been a good decade of friendship. I am happy all of them are successful in their own ways.

In a nutshell, here's what happened.

  • We met at my house at 10am and took a grab to the airport. RM65 for a 1 hour ride

  • The car's fuel gauge lighted up the whole way, it was at the end of the journey that we realized his gauge is broken. He is relying on the distance to estimate the fuel

  • Our gate is at the far end of the airport. We had to walk a good 15 minutes πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦³

  • My sister asked me to not get out of the chair and strap in the whole time

  • I asked for hot water but they said they can't

  • Landed at BKK, booked a bolt for 40 minutes ride into the city (apparently this is the cheaper option than grab)

  • AirBnb is super nice. Japanese vibe. Good purchase

  • Went to Jay Fai to get their famous crab omelette. It sold out. Settled with food from the street

  • Butt is pain because we had been stuck in traffic for 1 hour+ when it is supposed to be 30 minutes. It was the first day of pride month

  • We spend a good 3 hours at Boss Avenue, making our suit. It was so much cheaper compared to Malaysia. A 2 piece is RM1000. Whole lot of bargaining happened. In the end, I haggled it down from 8500 baht to 7650 baht, with a free necktie and pocket square

  • All of us called our girlfriend/family to see if we picked the right color haha!

  • I searched up on xhs and reddit for the post I see to get your first suit right. It's super applicable

  • Went to Jobb fair. It's super big holy. So many good food and clothings. I'm sad that most of them are for girls

  • Ate crocodile meat and tried some bugs. Volcano pork ribs is pretty good too

  • Weed 🌿🌿 is legal here. People are selling openly on the street. It's expensive though. Around 600 baht for a joint or 1 gram

  • Bought elephant pants for all of us. It was 100 baht, so worth it

  • Ended the night with a good bar/club - Tichucha. There was a queue to get in and there's a minimum spend per person for the ticket. The jellyfish display is so worth it plus we are at the rooftop

  • Went to Chupa which is the bar below. It was my first experience of a bar and I'm glad it was with my friends. So much dancing and so much fun. We also had some shots. We stayed there until 3am. I made friend with a french-thai lady while dancing

  • Saw an old uncle with a young lady. And that lady was running away from him. It was so funny. We all know what's happening