Bangkok: Day 4

June 4th, 2024 (about 1 month ago) • 2 minutes

  • Woke up later than expected at 10am. We didn't set an alarm. I guess last night was really too fun for us

  • 18 bottles of alcohol over 2 days. We are really "living the life"

  • Packed up bags and hurried out to get brunch before catching our flight at 2.45pm

  • Jan Kha Hmoo has really great pork leg rice. We almost went with the wrong one because we were rushing. They were actually further inside the alley

  • Airport checks were straightforward. GW had to throw away his cooling lotion he bought from Chatuchak because it was more than 100ml. I forgot about that rule

  • Our terminal is again at the end. We were lucky in being unlucky

  • AirAsia took over MyAirline's planes. The seats were so spacious, this is much more comfy that the previous flight

  • Booked a grab only to have 2 drivers reject us when they reach. They asked us to book a 6 seater because we have 4 person. It didn't make sense because all of us don't have a luggage, only a small carry on

  • Contemplated to go on MooMoo for buffet. Ended up at Gardens to have ramen at Ramen Menya Appare 麵屋 天晴