Golf with Friends

June 14th, 2024 (22 days ago) • 1 minute

Today, I went to the driving range to get some golf session with my friends.

I always thought golf is expensive but this experience proved me wrong, it was only RM16 for 100 balls with the golf club rented at RM5. This lasted us quite long and we were definitely drained after this.

Like all sport, golf requires a lot of skills and techniques. Here are some things that I learned from the few instructors there and some that worked for me

  1. Make sure your club head is straight and not open or closed. This determines your direction
  2. To make sure it’s straight, relax your wrist and arm and don’t twist or turn them
  3. Let the golf stick swing naturally and let gravity do its work
  4. Think of your spine as the axis and rotate your body around it. This helps you make contact with the ball.
  5. Follow through with your swinging action

p.s see one of the better shot here